Ruby Tuesday

The "Red Square" restaurant, Atlantic City, N.J.











Ruby Tuesday is a weekly photo meme sponsored by

This image  of a red square is located in a restaurant in Atlantic City, N.J.

This Russian themed restaurant depicts it’s name  for the  Moscow destination Red Square.

Selections on the menu include Siberian Nachos, Clams Kruschev (with American Sturgeon caviar), Russian chopped salad, Chicken Kiev, Salmon Kulebyaka,along with Continental foods such as NY Strip steak, Filet Mignon ,  duck confit ,  Austalian Rack of lamb, and Ahi tuna.

 The restuarant has an ice cold vodka locker in which you don a Russian fur and have a shot of Russian vodka in a 30 degrees below zero room.  There are 163 types of Vodka,

In Moscow, the Red Square is distinguished for it’s impressive buildings such as St. Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s Mausoleum.

The Red Sqare dates back to the late 15th century called Torg or marketsquare , when people came here to purchase food, livestock or other wares.  By the late 16th century , it was renamed Trinity Square and marked the entrance to the Kremlin. In 1650, it was named Krasnaya Ploschad,  krasnaya (meaning both beautiful and red ). Today, it has 500,000 square feet of open land.  People gather here to celebrate state events, be photographed in front of historic sites, or  to enjoy the beauty and history.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Icy BC
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 22:02:16

    I like red square area, and appreciate the information you’ve written here!



  2. magicalmysticalteacher
    Apr 07, 2010 @ 02:14:23

    Restaurant in red,
    when I leave you, I’m well-fed—
    stuffed full and groaning.

    Pick your ruby:
    The Other Way



  3. Icy BC
    Apr 07, 2010 @ 12:32:30

    Beautiful red square area, and I like the information about it too!



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