Thrifty Thursday and How to use your I-Pod, Not

At my friends's house with "Rani"

Well, It’s Thursday, I’m going to the dentist and I want at least one new song added. Looks like it’s not going to happen by 11:15 am. My goal is to learn to be more tech savvy. There is help out there in cyberspace, by way of google searches. 

Google Searches I did:
1.How to download music from my I-pod from I tunes

Actually, there’s a balance of $5.46 from my I-tunes gift card, but when I select- purchase “Firefly”, info screen came on to select credit card info, Oh well, I spent $1.29 ; the gift card not used today.

2. I-pod says “Do not disconncet, but the screen is frozen”

Here’s what I did:

I turned off the computer.
I did this because the volume button was not producing any sound, and this was suggested by yours truly to do last night.
Once I turned the computer back on, the next thing was to double click on the desktop the “I-tunes” icon.
I did this. I tunes came into view. This time I see Syncing in progress. While speaking on the phone to my husband (shhh.. he’s at work), said look for “Sync”.
Sync did the trick. Hmmm. It’s such a long time since I added a song, I forgot about how the process works…..Syncing.
Yeah!!!! The song Firefly is now on the I-pod. Now I can eat my breakfast and be ready for the dentist. I’m such a chicken, sometimes. But don’t you dread the dentist, too no matter how nice the dental assistants are and the dentist.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sandy
    Mar 04, 2010 @ 17:30:19

    I truly hate going to the dentist. Not so bad just the cleaning but any work…I want to hide. Glad you got the song synced to your iPod! Good luck at the dentist!!



    • luvsclassics
      Mar 04, 2010 @ 21:28:12

      Sandy, welcome back to visiting my blog.
      Since my right side of my mouth was numb, I went grocery shopping afterwards.
      The dental assistant said can eat anything, but I went the soft route; chicken Ramen noodles soup, cottage cheese with pineapple. Now, I will have a small snack of vanilla cake and tea, it’s English Breakfast tea time-about 4:30pm.



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