Scenic Sunday # 77

colorful Mummers dancing

A day trip to Philadelphia on New Year’s day to watch the annual Mummer’s day parade and .  There’ s a show put on by the Fancy Brigades, 10  clubs, at the Convention Center that we go to most years.

Phiadelphia skyline
Mardi Gras, theme
Fancy Brigade

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Eileen
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 17:23:35

    The Fancy Brigade looks like fun, nice photos.



    • luvsclassics
      Jan 03, 2010 @ 21:18:51

      Eileen, We thoroughly enjoy watching the performances of each Fancy Brigade club. Each of the Mummers perform their moves with high energy and precision. Colorful costumes in sequins and feathers is what the Mummers are know for.



  2. Vivi
    Jan 05, 2010 @ 21:46:38

    ciaoo Grace tanti auguri buon 2010.. kiss!



  3. Lolo Sianipar
    Jan 06, 2010 @ 07:54:27

    How lovely, more pictures please 🙂



  4. ann chin
    Jan 06, 2010 @ 10:28:15

    They certainly are very colorful. At first I thoguht they were Japanese.

    Sorry for this late comment, I am holidaying in Australia and I don’t get to the computer as much as I normally do. Thanks for visiting.

    Good luck in your hnt to the PennyRoyale.



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