I See An Angel

Angel shelf

angel collection

“I See an Angel”, “It’s right there”.
I’m standing in the modest living room in front of a china cabinet used for a mixed display of nicknacs, some photos, cards with sayings, mementos.
As I’m looking to the very top, I gaze at the collection of antique tin cans, one has a cameo image, blue in color, another is an old Hershey advertisement. Where is the angel?, I say to myself, thinking.
I hear her say from her present position in the wooden rocker by the window, “It’s right there”, persistently.
“Where”, I say. She persists, “It’s right there, the top shelf”. I do not see one on the top shelf so I say, there’s four shelves in this cabinet, are you counting the very top? “No”, she said. “Don’t you see it?”.
Now, I know that there’s a small wooden shelf by the front door’s wall that has had for many years a collection of angels in varying styles, a stained glass one in shades of pink, a white and crystal one, and several others. In fact , I photographed the shelf last Christmas.

Yesterday, was my first day off for a stretch of eight days. Yet the night before, I said, “I’m so tired, It doesn’t feel like I’m on vacation.”
Once I wake up, my mind starts thinking of what I have to do. My sister still needs her bloodwork retested. Do I need to go there to help.
Let me cook this healthy recipe, so she can build up her iron, she hasn’t got the hang of taking the iron supplements three times a day even though it’s in a day-of -the week pill box.
I had found a recipe the week before Thanksgiving for a soup that’s high in fiber and iron
Then my husband presents me with this word-processed list of fun things to do this weekend, my first weekend off since my vacation week in September, I’m not kidding.
I cook for three hours, starting while I was making my breakfast. I was having fun actually. You see, I love my digital camera. So , While in the process of making a dish, I stop to capture my efforts on film, just for fun.
Once, I’m done. I feel tired. I take a nap, then I call, up my mother.
I tell her that I cooked up some food and I’m coming over. She responds, “We have food here. Now, I know that , there is some food, but she’s not cooking. So, I say, I’m bringing it over”. She said, “I haven’t had polenta in a very long time”.
When I get there, soon after tasting some of what i had brought, I discover that the ID is missing again. Silently, I say to myself, “Oh ,no, not again. She kneeling on the floor, going through a pile of letters and bills. I take a sigh, and start to look elsewhere, maybe it’s with the old box of hair barretts where it was found just a week ago, when it was first lost. Then, I start to look for something else that was misplaced, not really lost, just moved to a different place then where I last saw it.
I’m thirsty, I get myself a drink of cran raspberry juice and resume my hunt. I find the medium-size notebook and place it beneath the phone. During this process, I hear he say, that there’s a prescription that has run out, and that she has stopped at the pharmacy and the Dr. has not responded.
I take a nap, waking up and feeling refreshed, I decide to call the pharmacy myself. It’s ten minutes to closing, and I learn that this pill should not be stopped. But I say, she says she hasn’t has it for three days. I say, “I’m coming right down, I can be there in five minutes, ( a three day emergency supply, until monday morning. ) It’s eight o’ clock, and my husband’s waiting to have dinner with me. I call him at 8:15 p.m. and relay what just happened, you’ve eaten by now, I hope. Yet, I still need to have dinner; glad that I had cooked some delicious food this morning.

Back to the china closet, ” I see an angel”, she says”, I point to the lowest shelf,” no”. I look to my right, and touch the top of the T.V. ” No”, she says, “On the top shelf, insisting. I start touching things, and I still don’t see one. She says, yes right there.” No, behind that”. I touch “that”. It’s a white rolled up small handdrawn poster of some people in black ink. She gets up from the wooden rocker, she touches this, she said this edge against this (pointing to a nicknac ) , formed the shape of an angel.

“I see an angel”, she said, ……………….”Maybe it was me.


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