Bridgeton Zoo-Scenic Sunday and Camera Critters

White Peacock, show your plumage!

This video was taken by me using my digital camera. Being a fan of cats, I found the ocelot “kittens” playing together to be quite fun to watch.
The location was in the historic town of Bridgeton, New Jersey.
We came here to explore the historic homes in Bridgeton and to see the zoo.
Please visit the host for this weekly photo meme called “Camera Critters” at

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kim
    Nov 30, 2009 @ 19:08:22

    Wow that is so cool a white peacock and cats?? They look like small leopard, they are so fun to watch though. Thanks for sharing!

    Scenic photo-Castle Rock



  2. Sandeep Kumar
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 14:44:54

    very nice ………
    as you know My Name is Sandeep.
    May i know your name ..?? (if you dont mind…)
    from where do you belong..??



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