Wizard of Oz screening day on Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Countrywide, today, there will be a celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Wizard of Oz movie with screenings in select theaters in each state across the country.

The web site  for ticket ordering information : www.ncm.com/fathom   or http://wimgo.com

At the beginning of the movie, there will be a commentary by Turner Classic Movies, Robert Osborne, classic film historian.

The Movie called, “To Oz, The Making of a Classic,  will include behind the scenes footage, rare musical outakes, and interviews.

What is your favorite scene in the movie, favorite song, or favorite line by an actor?


My favorite line by Judy  Garland portrayed as Dorothy is ” There’s no place like home” as she clicks her Ruby red heels together, and “Toto, Wer’re not in Knsas anymore”.


Mine i

Please comment, I love to hear from you!! What do you think?

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