Monday Morning

∞∞∞∞∞ ∞                                                                  

It’s  Monday morning and you discover

whilst cleaning in the kitchen, something’s amiss

where is the cordless phone?    

 and must set out to search undercover               

First where to look

under every cranny and nook, 

you would not believe,

as if under a pile of leaves,

I find next to  the computer,

on the drop-leaf table,

in the midst of coupon clipping pages is the phone, 

I ,    mumble under my breath ……..

so,  I write this poem .                                        


Your  comments welcomed  :

Dear friends :  Can anyone connect with me here? 

Do similar  things happen in your household?

I’d like to see how the rest of the world copes, two people unite in marriage,  we share similar interests in views and restaurants , so how did this phone get covered under both a section of newspaper and a coupon page, I wonder?

Dare  tell me what has happened in a sentence or two under the comments section. 

 Now, where is the remote control?  Do any of you folks remember the days before remote contrils for television,.  If you needed to channge the channel or raise or lower the volume, you got up from your chair and walked up to the t.v. and used the dial  on the t.v.



Please comment, I love to hear from you!! What do you think?

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