It’s a beach day


I found some seashells!

I found some seashells!

The beachside forecast is 84 to 86 degrees, feel like 90 degrees!



Ready for an afternoon of fun in the sun,

with beach umbrella under one arm,

  and beach bag and my favorite beach towels,

collect seashells and smooth  white small stones sanded by the sea.

PerhapsI’ll  relax on a beach chair, dig  my toes in the sand,

 take time to read a few chapters in my latest book, Secret Life of lobsters, or

tales of Egypt,

I’ll snack on iced tea from the cooler  and enjoy the breeze of the salty air,

listening to thesound of the  crash of the waves.

 dig my toes into









more Sand than ocean .......where's the seashells?

more Sand than ocean .......where's the seashells?





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