The Wee Hours, Bird Songs and Blogs to Read

When You Wake Up In the Middle of the Night:

What Do you do? Have you ever been awake to hear the precise moment that the birds start to sing?; this morning it was at 4:20 a.m. and I decided to write about it.  The sounds of the birds are pretty, but if I want to sleep soundly, I place cotton in my ears; it’s just enough.
One day last year, my husband and I decided to try to find out the name of a certain bird that sings a song that either wakes me up or that I listen to after the alarm has rung and I have a few precious moments under the covers before I have to start the day.
There is a web site for names of birds and their songs, quite a long list. Both of us sat there listening to song after song but were unsuccessful. I’d like to have an image and name for the bird whose sound that I hear. It is melodic in a singsong way and seems to be calling, perhaps calling me out of bed.
The house is quiet. The only sound is the slow tapping sound of my fingers on the keys and the space bar, and the shift key.

One suggestion is to scroll down on your favorite lists for blogs. How many have you saved to favorites?
What are your favorite blogs?
Some of my categories are by countries:
Australia, Malasia- Kuching Daily Photo by Awang,
France-Nice daily photo,
Japan-called Hyotenka,
France-called Kate Hill a French Kitchen Adventure,
Malaysia-mysarawaks travelogue,
Buckingham England-BuckinghamDaily Photo. ,
Ireland-This Irish Photo, Itallian-Called Lucillian Delights,
Malaysia- Day to day Miracles and My lil Princess Diary (of a five year old).,
Vienna- Vienna Daily,

Blogs on Food:

Once Upon a Feast-Every Kitchen Tells It’s Stories,
The Pioneeer Woman Cooks

Parts of the USA:

Midwest, NYC , Florida-Palm Caoast-Sugar Queen’s Dream, Savannah Georgia called Buttercream and Roses, Florida called Lime in the Coconut, Birmingham Alabama-Alabama Daily Photo, Colorado called Colorado Lady, Montana-called Bluff Area Daily,

The Grape Escape by Muse Swings,
Iowa the Lost Continent, Iowa-Midlife by Farmlight, Boston-The Boston Bibliophile,

Blogs with a Christmas Theme:

You Would Even Say It Glows, Southern Christmas Nights, A quilter’s Christmas
There’s a Christmas blog where the person writes on the 25th of each month on Christmas entitled Rudolph Day, to keep Christmas close all year.
Blog on Alaska, Fastawake on Earth.
Wash Day Wanderings,

Blogs on Chocolate- Confessions of a chocoholic
How to add a blog List tutorial by A Southern Daydreamer
Horse Blog-called All Horse Stuff

Days of the Week Blogs:

Monday-Blue Monday Letter Game by Smiling Salley
Tuesday-My World Tuesday -by A Colorful World
Tuesday-Ruby Tuesday
Tuesday-Show Your World Tuesday by Thats my world
Wednesday- Outdoor Wednesday
Wednesday- Watery Wednesday
Friday- Skywatch Friday ( every week thee are aprox 300 participants)

Friday-Faire Tale Friday by Wistria and Roses
Saturday- Pink Saturday – Sweet Southern Journey
Sunday- Sunday Poetry Prompts meme-Can Do during the week and post later
Sunday- Scenic Sunday


Please comment, I love to hear from you!! What do you think?

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