Winter Snow- Why Don’t Neighbors help?

neighbors sidewalks are cleared, my mother's driveway is not.

neighbors sidewalks are cleared, my mother's driveway is not.


Sow and ice covered
Snow and ice covered

Why don’t the neighbors help the oldest one on the block during snow and freezing rain  weather?  Yesterday, she could not go to church, nor Saturday evening.  She tried, but saw all that ice and snow on her car, decided she couldn’t do it  and went back inside.    I ask myself this question, why don’t the neighbors help?    Although snow shovels and even a snowblower is in the cabana,  at my mothers age she’s done her share of snow removal.  For some reason, twice this season, she would not call up for the snow removal/lawn caretaker guy. ” He doesn’t come until the next day, last year when I called him” she says.  She waits for it to melt, hoping that the temperature will raise, but since the house faces north and always in the shade, it doesn’t melt.  Thank God, that it rained heavily on Christmas eve, because she didn’t want me to visit on Christmas week and the days before because she had fallen on the sheet of ice her driveway and steps had become.

There are somewhat family members that have snow removal vehicles, but they don’t think of her.  Is is really that far? 6-7 or so miles, maybe 10.

Though I grew up here, in this neighborhood,  dare I say 40 years ago,  I don’t know any of the names in the homes where all of my playmates used to live.   During winter, hence snow, she is snowbound.

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