Baking Cookies

Everybody loves home-baked cookies. I brought some of these to work on the dayshift on Christmas Eve. ” Ohh, a x-mas present shaped cookie”, ” a santa face”. “Share a cookie with me.”

Cookie cuters and x-mas cookies

Cookie cuters and x-mas cookies

Self-Portrait, cookies in background

Self-Portrait, cookies in background

I love to wear that light blue apron when I bake. Can you find aprons such as these where you live? This one I bought a long time ago. I have a collection of aprons; one is gingham pink and white checks with the “x” cross stitches, I learned that when I was in 4-H sewing club as a child. That grey grid small basket in the pic is filled with many cookie cutter shapes such as a house, umbrella, cow, unicorn, maple leaf, music note. Some of these are on top of my kitchen cabinets in a collection of round tins. There is a blue round tin labeled just for gingerbread cutters.

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