November 3 2008

Forecast: 59 degress, mostly cloudy

Marvoulous Monday:

It’s back to work after a  prescribed rest to stay off of my feet for three days.    Alas, but what choice did I have.  To properly allow the contusion to heal,  I  had to periodicly put ice on my foot and keep the injured foot  elevated  all day.  So, I elevated both feet while reclining on the couch upstairs. I decided that once I made it up  the stairs by sliding up on my  hind end, stair by stair,  I was staying there until the foot had a chance to heal.  My wonderful husband  brought all meals upstairs and we ate together, quite cozy.

My cousin  sent me some songs from his  collection  and  I  had a good time listening to those via the computer last evening.

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