Southern Vermont-Hill Farm Inn

Baa, Baaa

Baa, Baaa


One place that is sure to renew your soul and give you a sense of tranquility is Southern Vermont. From the first glimpse of the Green Mountains, the red covered bridges on the quiet back roads, the cows in the pasture along the side of the road, the silos in the distance, you know that you have arrived at a special place. If peace and quiet is what you’re looking for, then this is the place to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy three and four lane highways back home. You won’t find them here. As a matter of fact, with two laned roads, there’s less street lights. At night, when no other car is on the road,except for your cars headlights, it is pitch black in either direction. My cousins who moved to Vermont several years ago, live on a road like that in East Dorset.
During our travel from Manchester to Weston along the roads, I wondered if we’d see a moose. We didn’t, however my cousins reported that one of their daughters has seen a moose along the road at the edge of The Green Mountains.


Be sure to stop in the Vermont cheese shop. There’s quite a selection of goodies to choose from, Vermont cheeses,different grades of maple syrup, and a variety of Vermont themed gifts, in earrrings and nic nacs.that include spoon rests, shot glasses, and ceramics. Vermont bottled soda is delicious. It’s all natural ,and made with cane sugar with country pictures on each bottle in flavors of Maple soda, Vermont Root Beer, strawberry rhubarb and orange tangerine. An item that I was elated to find was the Old_fashioned Calendar towel. I was so excited, that I called a friend at home to inquire which on she wanted. There was a variety of calendar towels to choose from, a blue and white tea service with a quote, to cats and lemons. Guess what I came home with. Three, yes three of the same design RED COVERED BRIDGES.

This place is huge!

This place is huge!

You’ll find many items that were availabe to people many years ago. Vermont-made suspenders, cotton floral embroidered hankies, granny flannel nightgown, tortoise hair combs, Cola syrup(soothes your stomach), Tabu, the original smear-proof lipstick, and old-fashioned cream rouge,
Sold here and in the catolog is Old-time resin-free cotton sheets (wrinkle-free), goose-down pillows, and Chenille bedspreads; my mother, to my surprise donated all of her old chenille bedspreads and they are back in style for some. Mountain Weave table linens woven in Pennsylvania and cut into tablecloth, napkins and placemats by people in neighboring Dorset, Vermont, in primary or pastel colors. 100% cotton floursack towels, absorbent and economical used by frugal Vermonters. Chair pads and wedge pillows can be found here in cotton, duck and curduroy fabrics. There are candy treats, chocolates and jelly. Vermont cheddar cheese and Vermont maple syrup and jars of maple butter are at the top of most visitors lists.
Classic toys such as the sock monkeys (1939), wooden calliope,Tiddledy Winks, tin kaleidoscope, potholder metal loom, and Paint-by number set of a red covered bridge can also be found here.

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